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Relentless rain drenched greetings from the left coast . . . Spring has arrived but you wouldn’t know it from the weather. Got to thinking today about how festival season is coming up and started casting about for some toons to share from artists that have played literally in my own backyard. The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is a long running event that is staged every July in Jericho Beach Park. Not really being a “folkie” I enjoy it none the less as I live right next to the park so its just one of those inescapable parts of summer.

So lets kick things off with what I can best describe as Down-Under Bhangra

Next up a more traditional folkie piece from Bill Bourne, not a VFMF performance but it captures the essence of the show that Bill and his mates offer every summer.

OK enough folkie already . . . moving on . . . here’s a snippet of Hendrix’s Machine Gun offered up by John Mayer . . . now John takes a lot of shtick for soft & fuzzy, girly pop that he performs but you gotta admit this kid knows his way around the fretboard

Guitar Lesson
This issue we’re turning are attention back to alternate tunings . . . so here’s Eric Maring with a tutorial on Open D . . . check it out

Till next time, Hadleigh 😉


Greetings blog followers and moosic lovers everywhere. . .  This week I’m channeling a nationalistic introspection, must be someone I ate (its bovine humour, you’ll get used to it),  so the post is all about Canadian music.

This Week’s Songs

Leading off lets take a sky train ride with Vancouver’s Ross Barrett and The Carnival Band. Couple of summers back I had the unique pleasure of attending a Barrett family wedding. It was a moosical celebration of the finest kind, with the whole talented family on stage. . . Here is “Love is Waiting” with Ross on tenor sax and vocals, so have your tickets ready and enjoy the ride.

Next up, a blast from the past. . . The Shuffle Demons arrived on the Toronto moosic scene in the mid 80’s and were a breath of fresh air. First saw them leading a parade at an outdoor arts festival and they had everybody dancing right along. . . In keeping with our transport theme here’s Spadina Bus

So have we had enough brass? Not nearly, get your dancing clogs on cos here’s another staple of the Vancouver scene Soulstream covering Tower of Power’s Down To The Nightclub.

And just in case you’re thinking I’ve abandoned my long standing obsession with guitar based toons here’s Keith Bennett & Guests at the Yale playing Walkin’ the Dog. . . All our cousins and friends from the UK will recognize the Yale cause we drag everyone who visits out to watch our friends play….. enjoy

And to finish up this week’s selection… a little number from one of Canada’s rock guitar legends, Kim Mitchell playing Lager & Ale for a select audience at Vancouver’s Armoury Studio

This Week’s Guitar Lesson

Here’s one for all those wannabe guitar hero’s . . . a little swimming lesson in The Ocean from Kim Mitchell

Next Week

Back to obscurity with lord knows what. . .  and maybe some more alt tuning fun for the pickers. . .

Buy fur now, Hadleigh

Neglect is all the blog has seen from me this week, but its all about the Moosic so here’s a couple of toons by two Danish chaps sitting in a backyard drinking beer and knocking out a couple of 60’s classics…. enjoy

Tyge and Ken really rock… you guys can come drink beer and play in the pasture anytime

Even more YouTube obscurity ~ two other guys with guitars this time from Tucson covering the Dead’s Help on the Way/Slipknot (see if you can count the number of times wife, dog and cat walk through the background)

Enjoy the toons ya’ll and see you next week…… Hadleigh

First and foremost acknowledgement goes out to my friends BAS for encouraging me to start a blog and to Len in TO who coined the term “Moosical” after seeing my Facebook profile picture and the numerous YouTube postings….. Thanks guys, now all I have to do is learn how to build a blog.

Just so you know this is a learning exercise and a bit of an experiment for me. I’ve haven’t written any code since the early ’80s so if its 4 am and you click on something and it doesn’t work BAS’s home number is….. (just kidding BAS).

The easy part will be selecting the Moosic and writing some inane babble as an accompaniment. Hope to have the following sections/pages available shortly:

Choice Internet Radio Stations

Artist of the Week

This Weeks Guitar Lesson

Obscure Moosical Nonsense

So it says here that I can post some Moosic, lets give it a try…. oops now it says I need to upgrade the blog storage first (see I’m learning fast)

Alright then lets just embed a YouTube video ~ here’s a number by the Mike Keneally Band called Skull Bubbles…. enjoy

For those who haven’t heard of Keneally I first encountered his Moosical genius when I saw the Zappa’s Universe video. Mike was one of several stunt guitarists that worked with Frank. Just happened to knock off early one Friday afternoon and flicked on the TV and there it was “Zappa’s Universe”. I was totally gobsmacked and just couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.

Artist of the Week

And just so all the guitar players don’t feel left out here’s a tutorial from Warren Lain deconstructing There There from Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief

I know you’ll enjoy the alternate tuning

This Week’s Guitar Lesson

Enjoy and we’ll see you’ll next week…… Hadleigh