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Greetings blog followers and moosic lovers everywhere. . .  This week I’m channeling a nationalistic introspection, must be someone I ate (its bovine humour, you’ll get used to it),  so the post is all about Canadian music.

This Week’s Songs

Leading off lets take a sky train ride with Vancouver’s Ross Barrett and The Carnival Band. Couple of summers back I had the unique pleasure of attending a Barrett family wedding. It was a moosical celebration of the finest kind, with the whole talented family on stage. . . Here is “Love is Waiting” with Ross on tenor sax and vocals, so have your tickets ready and enjoy the ride.

Next up, a blast from the past. . . The Shuffle Demons arrived on the Toronto moosic scene in the mid 80’s and were a breath of fresh air. First saw them leading a parade at an outdoor arts festival and they had everybody dancing right along. . . In keeping with our transport theme here’s Spadina Bus

So have we had enough brass? Not nearly, get your dancing clogs on cos here’s another staple of the Vancouver scene Soulstream covering Tower of Power’s Down To The Nightclub.

And just in case you’re thinking I’ve abandoned my long standing obsession with guitar based toons here’s Keith Bennett & Guests at the Yale playing Walkin’ the Dog. . . All our cousins and friends from the UK will recognize the Yale cause we drag everyone who visits out to watch our friends play….. enjoy

And to finish up this week’s selection… a little number from one of Canada’s rock guitar legends, Kim Mitchell playing Lager & Ale for a select audience at Vancouver’s Armoury Studio

This Week’s Guitar Lesson

Here’s one for all those wannabe guitar hero’s . . . a little swimming lesson in The Ocean from Kim Mitchell

Next Week

Back to obscurity with lord knows what. . .  and maybe some more alt tuning fun for the pickers. . .

Buy fur now, Hadleigh



  1. Now that is a fistful of goodies

    • rsmacdon
    • Posted February 25, 2009 at 6:36 pm
    • Permalink

    Thanks Wolfmen… Dig your blog as well, especially the Feb 13th post on T-Rex.

    I was visiting family Chelmsford in ’68 when my cousin introduced me to T-Rex. Life just ain’t been the same ever since.

    Cheers, Hadleigh

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